Friday, October 10, 2003

T-minus 36 hours and we are starting to stress out! All the out of towners are in and just a few more hours left to get everything in order. Suddenly the major dilema is do we have enough ice.......honest. Trying to get packed for the cruise and have everything set for blast off right after the wedding. At least the weather is going to be great!

Thursday, September 25, 2003

The big day is getting closer. We went to the winery earlier this week to make the final arrangements. The bar is going to open at 1:30pm that day so make sure you get there early. We want the party to begin right away.

We're going to get married over the waterfall in the back. You'll notice that there won't be any rows of chairs set up. The only place to sit during the ceremony will be at the tables. The tables on the grass will be pretty far from the ceremony, so if you want a close up view of Jerry kissing the bride you may have to stand. Don't worry, we aren't planning a very long ceremony.

Thursday, September 11, 2003

Despite the "media frenzy" their is no truth to the rumors of a change in plans.

Wednesday, September 03, 2003

So close to that Teetsel fortune I can taste it. As I sit back and contemplate my retirement on that major Teetsel windfall of cash, I thought I would say a bit about the wedding plans itself.

If your expecting a traditional Catholic wedding……..don’t. If your looking for a religious ceremony it “might” be there, but it certainly will not predominate the event. We really want everyone to enjoy themselves and celebrate our genuine, honest, commitment to each other. I always hated the unintentional (in most cases) pressure of getting a gift so you can blame me for respectfully asking that they not be accepted. Now let’s all keep our fingers crossed for great weather Oct. 11th.

Wednesday, August 20, 2003

Invitations are out! There's no turning back now, even though I highly suspect Jerry is only after me for my money. :)

We are starting to get RSVPs. We're so looking forward to seeing everyone! You don't have to use the postcard. If it's easier feel free to let us know via email whether or not you can attend. Karen's email is

Tuesday, August 19, 2003

Yea right.......quit your job..HAHAHAHAHA. I read this stuff you know :(

Saturday, August 16, 2003

Yes, work is very busy and stressful. You all know how I get. I keep hoping Jerry will tell me I should quit my job so I can stay at home to keep the house clean and have dinner ready for him every night like Lucy did for Ricky. Unfortunately this is real life and not "I Love Lucy" so I must continue on like the modern career woman I am.

Hope you all like the invites. I was sick of looking at binders full of sample invitations that all looked the same so I finally decided to make them myself. Thank you mom and dad for helping with the assembly! We spent a lovely Sunday afternoon punching holes and tying bows. With their help I was able to get the look I wanted and also didn't have to deal with the etiquette police who patrol the stationary stores.

Yes, we have broken some etiquette rules. Please, no gifts. At this point in our lives Jerry and I have everything we could possibly need. All we ask of you is to come to the wedding and have a good time.

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