Day #3 continued = blogging woes

Posted by: jjessop on Thursday, March 13th, 2008

Ok, I’m still screwing around and discovered some issues with Windows Live Writer and needed to break up my posts with so many big pictures. So far I have to highly recommend Live Writer, you can download it for free at here.

Back to the road trip, we ran out of time for Bryce Canyon arriving at days end and not willing to spend $25 admission per car for an hour of daylight. Don’t ask me why Arches was $6 and Bryce 4 times more!



We crossed Zion at Sunset and was surprised at how spectacular this park is. I can’t believe I drove past it so many times and we will have to carve out a few days in the future for it! The only good thing was that we crossed the park after hours and avoided the $25 entry fee as a shortcut back to St. George. There we stayed in a surprisingly nice Holiday Inn and found some great Italian food down the street. Tomorrow it’s back to Vegas and a late flight home.

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