My name is Karen Jessop.  I am married to Jerry and mom to our cat, Mrs. B.  I started this blog some years ago but just recently started to make a more concentrated effort to keep it updated after realizing I spend entirely too much time watching mindless TV.

I work full time as an in-house paralegal for a large company.  It’s a pretty good job, which these days is hard to get, so I’m thankful to have it.  However, I’ve spent years in the corporate world, ignoring the creative spark I’ve always known I’ve had and am now desperate to feed it before it goes out for good.  Writing, even a 3-4 paragraph blog, is tough work but for some reason it’s the only thing that makes me feel complete.

  • Holly:

    Hi Karen,

    Hope you’re doing well 🙂 Just thought I’d drop you a lil note to say that you inspired me to start my own blog! I just started it today, which is probably a bad idea because the semester isn’t over yet! I missed having a place to post my pictures of Adidas stuff, since I quit FB. Anyhow, if you’re interested, here it is:


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