Here’s a little known fact about me and Jerry:  we skate.  Twice a week we head down to Cal Skate in Milpitas and skate.  It’s good exercise and we enjoy it.  Jerry especially.  He’s like a completely different person when he’s spinning around that smooth pine floor.  He’s relaxed, he smiles…it’s like he gets in some special Zen Zone. 

We’ve been skating for about two years and last night we celebrated by attending a late night party at Cal Skate.  No, seriously it was late.  Like 11:30pm to 3:30am late.  So it’s with bloodshot eyes and weary fingers that I type this today. 

All the people we know from the normal sessions were there so it was like any other skate night.  Except it was past midnight.  And they had food.  OK, they normally have food at the rink but it’s just popcorn and hotdogs from the snack bar.  This was real food like ribs and mac and cheese.  And they also said grace before serving the food which they never do when we purchase something from the snack bar. 

The music was a little peppier too.  And people were skating with more energy than usual.  The rink was completely full of people skating a they were  going strong when we left at 2:30. 

It was a good skate night.  Except the grace part was a little weird.

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