Lorazepam For Sale, I had an unexpectedly pleasant experience with AT&T Customer Service last week.  Unexpectedly because overall my experience as an AT&T Wireless customer has been most undesirable, what with those dropped calls and pathetically slow 3G service (fastest 3G network my ass!). 

But after all this I’m here to say KUDOS to AT&T for connecting me to a call center that is actually located in the U.S.A!  Not only that but KUDOS to the customer service representative Debbie, who not only spoke very clear English but also giggled at my mocking remark about how I was hoping I’d be able to explain my problem before the call dropped. 

Unfortunately the kudos stop there.  Because as helpful as poor Debbie was, the tip she gave me to fix the voice mail problem I was having did not help.  She’ll never know though.  As far as Debbie is concerned my problem with AT&T has been solved.  I even told her that a few days later when she called back to check on me.  I’m not lying either.  As the proud new owner of an EVO with an unlimited data plan from Sprint, all my problems with AT&T are OVER! 

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  • Neal:

    It would be interesting to try another network, but as no other network has my preferred phone, I’m stuck with AT&T.

  • Lady Jessop:

    If the iPhone became available on other carriers we probably would have kept them or even upgraded to the new model. Unfortunately our experience with the service was just too bad to tolerate any longer.

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