red cliffThis is probably not a good thing to admit but Jerry and I frequently stop at The  Liquor King, our local liquor store, on the way home from work.  The owner, a lovely man who we affectionally call "King" because we don’t know his real name and probably wouldn’t know how to pronounce it anyway, often has some great things on discount.  The other night we got a bottle of Red Cliff for $4.99. 

Red Cliff is a cola based liqueur that tastes like spicy fire.  And it ought to since it’s 65 proof.  It came with a little tag of recipes like the Red Cliff martini (one part Red Cliff, two parts citrus vodka) and the Red Cliff All American (one part Red Cliff, one part bourbon — wheeee!) 

Jerry has discovered it is rather tasty mixed with cheap ass orange juice from Grocery Outlet.  I mixed it once with a cup of chamomile tea and it knocked me out for the night.  I also remember having some pretty wild dreams that night and would like to issue this warning: Too much Red Cliff will make you feel like jumping off a cliff the next morning. 

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