After threatening us with a fine for $5,000 and assuring us that we could answer “decline to state” for questions concerning race and ancestry, we finally succumbed to the demands of the U.S. Census Bureau last weekend and spent an hour on the phone answering survey questions posed to us by a woman who barely spoke English. 

Now that it’s all over I’m wondering why all the fuss.  The questions were completely ridicules.  We should have told them we were a Canadian immigrant couple with three disabled children adopted from Mexico. 

As it was, we tried to answer the questions accurately but because of the absurd choices of categories combined with the heavy accent of the woman on the phone I believe that according to the official census records I am legally blind and sometimes have problems getting dressed in the morning.  (The latter is actually true.)  They also think that we have an aging Persian lady living with us named Mrs. Borowick. 

As for Jerry’s strong stance on not answering questions about race or ancestry, I think they have one over on him.  I know damn well they put him in the angry Portagee category.  You can’t hide that over the phone. 

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