Mrs. B crawled under the futon at 9am this morning and she has been there ever since. 

Mrs B futon

She discovered this spot as a good hiding place a few years ago but seems to be spending a lot more time there lately.  I think she’s freaked out because I’ve been running the vacuum cleaner a lot more lately.  Like all cats, the vacuum cleaner is Mrs. B’s natural enemy.  She is convinced she is it’s prey. 

The ironic thing is Mrs. B is the reason for my increase vacuum usage as of late, what with her constant hair shedding, compulsive nail scratching and bringing in debris from outside. 

Jerry is also a bit frightened as well as mystified by supplemental vacuuming.  Seeing me at an activity other than reading or watching TV, much less something domestic, makes him wonder if there’s something wrong.  If I keep this up he just might suggest I fire my maids.  Yikes! 

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