I don’t care that it’s Coach.  Frustration has been building for months and I am  pursenow ready to declare this the worst purse I’ve ever had.  And apologies in advance to my sweet sister-in-law who gave it to me. 

Honestly, when I first received this purse a few years ago as a Christmas gift I was thrilled.  I had always wanted a Coach bag and this one was especially beautiful.  So rest assured Mia, my shrieks of delight were sincere.  As was my efforts to use this purse.  Since I already had a functional purse I reserved this one for special occasions.  I felt so stylish and expensive when I used it I didn’t even mind the jangley noise the chains made. 

Then, six months ago when my old purse finally gave out I decided to promote this one to a full-time position.  It’s been misery ever since. 

In addition to finally getting on my nerves every time I’m in a moving car, the jangley chains have also proven themselves to be rather heavy.  Tuck in a paperback book to and this purse feels like it’s 50 pounds.  Having no side pockets or compartments makes it a bottomless pit.  That is until I have to reach inside and then everything falls out.  Add that it constantly slips off my shoulder and I’m ready to catapult this thing into a dumpster.  And I will, as soon as I find a replacement. 

Purse search officially launched. 

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