My months of blog block has finally been broken, inspired by what I hope is a pithy observation too lengthy to tweet.  It’s the contents of Jerry’s suitcase for his 36 hour business trip to Boston: 

  • Black suit
  • Two ties
  • Sports coat
  • Khaki pants
  • Three button down shirts
  • Black shoes
  • White tennis shoes
  • Five pairs of socks
  • Three pairs of underwear
  • Three tee-shirts
  • Shaving kit with complete collection hygiene essentials and first aid supplies
  • Hair dryer
  • Travel iron

I love you honey!  And will miss you as usual!

*Note: Contents of laptop bag are too numerous to list and primarily beyond my technical knowledge. 

  • Neal:

    For 36 hours, I’d skip the shaving kit. Hair dryer? Don’t they have those in hotels now?

  • Kathy:

    He sounds like an independent and well groomed man. My husband would bring a knife and and a bottle opener and maybe a hanky. Your husband uses an iron!! My husband thinks our iron is our telephone!!

  • Karen:

    The hair dryer NEVER stays home. You can’t depend on those cheap-ass hotel dryers.

    Good god Kathy, has your husband ever answered the iron…when plugged in?

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