Every once in a while I get in a strange mood and start cleaning.  Like today for instance….I was drying dishes and realized that since I was using the last clean towel I would be forced to throw a load of towels in the washer.  I looked around and decided even though they didn’t need it yet, I would do the bathroom towels as well to even the load.  And with that small decision I suddenly went into action. 

I ambitiously decided that while the towels were in the wash I’d run the vacuum.  Normally I never vacuum.  Since I have a cleaning service come in every two weeks I don’t want to go overboard.  But today I decided to “let go” a little.  I even removed the couch cushions and attacked the window sills. 

Once the vacuuming was done I hit the bathrooms.  This is when Jerry noticed.  I think he got a little scared, especially when he saw me pull out the Clorox bleach pen and open the toilet seat.  “Don’t worry honey, ” I said in as calm a voice as possible, “just leave me alone and I’ll be back to normal soon.”  When he saw that I knew what I was doing he seemed to relax a little and slowly backed off. 

Luckily the cleaning spurt was short lived.  Tackling toilets usually seems to bring me back to my senses.  And the towels?  They’re still in the drier. 

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