When I first met Jerry, before we were married or even dating, he told me “The woman who’s with me can always be assured of two things:  her car will always run and her PlayStation will never skip.”  I knew then that he was the man for me.

And as a sign of confirmation, shortly after we got engaged and I moved in with him the timing belt on my car broke leaving me stranded on the east bay side of 92.  It was on May 2, 2003, the very day after I handed the keys of my apartment to the property manager.  Three days later, thanks to Jerry’s keen research skills (the engines on the 1994 Ford Escort LX are one of the few from that era which automatically shut off and do not crack in the event of a timing belt break) and smooth handling of shady mechanics my car was running once again.

As for the other thing that, as Jerry’s wife I can be assured of, I’ve come to understand that  “PlayStation” which is in fact a computer entertainment system, actually means “any electronic device” when it comes the vow uttered to me that day so many years ago.   Jerry may not be big on romantic nights at the opera and he has no idea what my favorite flower is but in the five years of our marriage he has always made sure I’ve had the finest in electronic and entertainment products: phones that do everything but the laundry, giant televisions that scare the maids, satellite services with thousands of TV and music channels and desktop computers lovingly built with enough technology and power to run the Pentagon.

Tonight I got my latest sign of Jerry’s love: an MSI Wind.  I thinkmsi_wind_love_250 that’s what it’s called.  I actually don’t know for sure.  All I know is that Jerry has been looking for one for months all because he knows it will be the perfect sized and best performing laptop for me.  And this is why I love Jerry.

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