I just read something completely disturbing from one of my outdated issues of Women’s Health Magazine.  On the back page of the October 2007 issue they give random statistics from about The Average Woman (“AW”) concerning health care.  For example, the length of time the AW sits in the waiting room per visit is 21 minutes.  And on the subject of TV docs (an important topic on the subject of healthcare), the AW would most want to play doctor with Derek “McDreamy” Shepherd from Grey’s Anatomy.

But also on the subject of TV docs is the disturbing fact I just saw which is the TV doc the AW would want in charge of her health.  According to the AW polled by Women’s Health Magazine it is Gregory House.  Are you kidding me???  I’ll admit that Dr. House is a brilliant physician but hello?  He’s also addicted to pain killers!  Do you really want a doctor addicted to pain killers in charge of your health care???

Oh…wait….OK, yeah I guess I can get that.