We don’t co-mingle funds.  It started as an unspoken understanding and eventually evolved into the secret of our marital success of which we speak frequently. 

Most couples we talk to can’t understand how Jerry and I can not share money yet function as a unit.  Oddly enough the fact that we keep our money completely separate from each other is probably one of the key elements that keep us together.  Because we keep separate bank accounts we have eliminated something that often drives some couples apart.  We never argue over finances.

Neither of us knows how much money the other person has, yet we have complete faith that the other person is financially solvent.  We buy whatever we want and the other person never complains.  Big ticket items, while rare, have the expected courtesy of a consultation but even this rule can be waived if the proper strategies are put in place.  A couple of years ago Jerry bought a motorcycle which he told me about after the fact.  However, because the news about the motorcycle was immediately followed by the news that he had also booked a trip to Hawaii the purchase of the motorcycle was completely forgotten. 

Anything looks good in freakin’ paradise.