The year started with Jerry losing weight and making some other lifestyle changes  in an attempt to get his blood pressure down.  He did a pretty good job but not enough to avoid taking the medication ultimately prescribed by the doctor. 

We took one of our Southwest adventures which included a ride over the Moki Dugway, a visit to Arches National Park, Monument Valley and Zion National Park.  We also made a stop in Colorado City.  We didn’t find any Jessop relatives (that we know of) but we did get waved at by a truckload of teenage boys, probably on their way out of town for good.  

Jerry had a slight motorcycle accident.  To my ultimate relief he walked away unscathed and spent the next 6 months repairing his bike. 

We heard from Stephanie and found out that she is in the Navy studying to be an air traffic controller.  She is also angry as hell and very bitter, in true Jessop fashion. 

Two weeks after discovering Facebook and Twitter we got iPhones.  We now have no need to communicate verbally which just may improve our marriage. 

We planted a vegetable garden in the backyard.  Crop statistics:  2 ears of corn, 1 tomato, 8 peppers, 5 eggplants and 387 zucchinis. 

Mervyns went out of business which will cause problems for Jerry’s future wardrobe.  For now he still has pleasant memories of the liquidation sales where he was able to purchase dozens of shirts for $6 each. 

Two days before the end of 2008 Jerry took a 15 hour trip to Hawaii in order to gain gold member status with Northwest Airlines.  Thanks to my iPhone, Nip/Tuck DVDs and box-o-wine I didn’t even notice he was gone.